APH Production Update

We thought it valuable to follow up on our correspondence within April, now that the implications and pathway out of the pandemic have become clearer.

Our production team is now back at approx.. 90% against pre lockdown, allowing manufacturing throughout to return to a relative norm when compared with early 2020. APH had opted to implement the UK Government “Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme” as a vehicle to safeguard the roles of our team as well as ensuring that when the government directives are eased, we are well placed to upscale and deliver business as usual.

Working environments have been slightly changed to accommodate government safe working guidelines but we have maintained all core functions and remain productive.

Now that we upscale, the shutdown has created pinch points in our manufacturing process which has affected the delivery schedule of some orders. We fully recognise the impact these may have on your production schedule and we have planned additional overtime (in line with new working directives) specifically to minimise the impact.

Scheduling overtime under the Coronavirus working parameters is not without its challenges but we hope this provides assurances that we are utilising every resource possible to support our customers.

APH Operational update