Torko Rotary Actuators

TORKO Rotary Actuators are ideal for industrial, marine, and subsea use particularly in applications where high strength, corrosion resistance or hygiene are paramount factors. The robust rack and pinion design provides constant torque in situations where cylinders and linkage mechanisms would be impractical.

  • Working pressure 210 bar
  • Torque range per bar from 1.0 Nm to 444Nm
  • 45° thru 360° standard – intermediate and larger rotational angles available
  • Available in stainless steel and special alloys
  • May be fitted with end stroke cushioning
  • Overcentre or check valves available
  • Available with pneumatic seals or seals for special fluids
  • Rotary electrical transducer
  • Industrial, marine or sub-sea design
  • Failsafe spring return versions.

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Rotary Actuator